Wood Care

In most cases you will have to do nothing more than run a dampened, lint free cloth over your Hekseskudd wooden item occasionally. We have designed tolerances into our products to allow for natural seasonal fluctuations, and the tendency for wood to expand and contract with different moisture levels. We oil all of our interior products with pure linseed oil, which after a year or two may need to be replenished. To replenish the finish, simply rub or brush the oil into the CLEAN surface, let stand for ten minutes and wipe dry with a soft, lint free cloth. Do not use a wet or sopping cloth, and don't immerse your tray in water


It goes to say that you should not use your tray outside, or in really wet conditions. If you place your tray in direct sunlight, especially in tropical climates it could warp, crack, or be UV bleached.


In the rare instance your product has warped beyond what you can tolerate, it is because it has lost or gained too much moisture. It can be returned to it's original shape by re-introducing it's original moisture content. Please refer to the diagram (below, at right, left, or accompanying this article) for how wood moves according to the grain structure and annular rings. To increase the moisture content, wrap the item in a damp towel, and then place in a sealed plastic bag for a few hours. Take it out and check to see if the cupping or bowing has been reduced, put a straight edge across it's width. If it's good, wipe it dry and oil it immediately. If it's not, replace and wait a little longer, checking until it has relaxed back into form. You might need to let it sit overnight, or for a few days.


 We provide non-skid gel pads for the underside of your tray, should it be warped enough to be noticeable while using it on your desk. We don't recommend that you install these if you plan on using the tray as it was originally intended, on your lap, couch, etc. They will interfere with smooth sliding, and might catch on fabric and be rubbed off.


 Shippers are whippers, and snappers! If you receive your tray with a split end or a crack, call the UPS driver back and make sure to keep all the packaging. Email us, and we'll get a replacement board out to you.