About Us

Every one of our keyboard trays or personal organizer trays for the iPhone starts its life as a black walnut tree. We hand select our rough stock lumber from FSC certified North American black walnut, picking through entire lifts to get the best boards with the most beautiful features. All of our wooden Apple accessories are made from this premium wood, including our hardwood laminated versions. 

Hekseskudd loves ecopoxy, an incredibly strong epoxy resin made from soybeans and peanuts. We use it to join all of our products for its strength, and  it's completely non toxic!  We precision machine our trays, then hand sculpt them into the final form. Now is the time to roll up the sleeves and apply some serious elbow grease, all those detailed cuts that were applied need to be smoothed to a fine surface finish. Each keyboard tray, iPad writing station, Personal tray for iPhone, or any of our other wooden Apple accessories receives meticulous hand detailing to bring it to the finishing stage.

When we apply the first coat of linseed oil to the smoothed black walnut it explodes with color and texture, making the sore fingers seem worthwhile. A coat of food safe wax buffed smooth provides additional sealing and protecting qualities to the accessory, as well as enhancing the richness and color of the black walnut further. The result of our efforts are luxuriously detailed and beautiful sculpted accessories for your Apple bluetooth keyboard, magic track pad, iPad, iPhone, and iPod, that you can enjoy without guilt.