We have updated our Common Ground, Landing Pad and iPhone Charging Trays

All of our personal organizing and charging trays for the iPhone and iPod now use the latest Apple Universal dock. They will work with any apple device from the 6s plus down to the iPods. We have made an allowance around the phone slots to accommodate cases and slips.

These trays are great for keeping your phone charged and handy as well as keeping your desk a little more organized.

The Hekseskudd Personal Tray for Apple's iPhone 5/5S is here!

Happy summer from Hekseskudd!

The new personal tray that will work with your iPhone 5/5S is now available.

This tray is just like our earlier version of the Personal Tray, which used the Universal Dock, but now it works with Apple's iPhone 5 series docks. Plug your power and audio cables into the dock and pop that dock into our Personal Tray for a clean and organized way to store your personal items and charge your phone! The tray stays put and won't move around as you use the phone in the dock.

Like all our trays, it's cleanly made, non-toxic, and sanded to a butter smooth finish.



What's In A Name?

HEKSESKUDD, (hex-is-good!) ; Norwegian term translating into English as Witch Strike.

HEKSESKUDD has several meanings, the most common being back pain. We chose it as our company name for the lesser known and probably more poetic meaning of enchantment. We would like to think that the Black Walnut we use to create a good portion of our accessories will cast a spell on you!

We strive to make all of our products, as well as the products we manufacture for our clients, as ecologically sound, sustainable, and non toxic as possible. We believe that our skin, like our tongues, is a membrane that absorbs particles it comes into contact with. With this in mind we ensured that our process is completely non toxic, both for the benefit of our employees and our customers. All the products we make are completely food safe, and eventually compostable! We are pleased that no sacrifice in quality, or economy was required to achieve this.

HEKSESKUDD is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are happily nestled in between the mountains and the sea, tucked away in our cozy shop.